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Family of Charles Henry KEMPSON and Elizabeth WILLIAMS

Husband: Charles Henry KEMPSON

  • Name:

  • Charles Henry KEMPSON

  • Sex:

  • Male

  • Father:

  • William Edwin KEMPSON (1838-1910)

  • Mother:

  • Susan DUGGAN (1839-1897)

  • Birth:

  • 9 Jun 1864


  • Occupation:

  • 1881 (age 16)

  • Engineer and Machinist. 1901 Carrier Gilder Picture Dealer1

  • Residence:

  • 1881 (age 16)

  • Paxton Villa, Victoria Road, Yardley, Worcestershire1


  • Address: Paxton Villa, Victoria Road, Yardley, Worcestershire

  • Residence:

  • 24 Nov 1897 (age 32)

  • 4 Warwick Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham


  • Address: 4 Warwick Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham

    From CHK's marriage certificate. Note - age doesn't tie up with dob, so something's slightly awry.

  • Death:

  • 26 Feb 1947 (age 82)

  • 51 Southbourne Avenue, Ward End, Birmingham

Wife: Elizabeth WILLIAMS

Note on Husband: Charles Henry KEMPSON

Had a servant who was 13 in 1901 called Amy Hadland!

Note on Wife: Elizabeth WILLIAMS

From Mike Kempson: An Elizabeth Kempson died, aged 88 years, on 29 July 1953 at Rosedale Street, Weston super Mare. Probate was granted to Raymond Tom Piper, band manager. This probate entry seems to fit with Elizabeth (nee Williams). The somewhat strange thing is that the effects of Charles Henry are recorded as being £732 and those of this Elizabeth six years later were £3599. I have trawled through all the Elizabeth Kempsons and other than this possible match cannot find another death that could be Elizabeth (nee Williams) nor where Elizabeth (of Weston) could have come from. The apparent discrepancy in probate values could be caused by a number of factors including the possibility that Elizabeth Chare being a widow may have owned a house from her first marriage.



1881 Census.