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Percival Family - France 2003

Welcome to the Percival Family History Pages - generated using Family Historian 7. The simplest way to access these is to go to the index and select individuals, then follow the links of interest.


Thanks to Marie and Ann for doing such a huge amount of work on the Derringtons that I have stolen shamelessly. Thanks also to Brian and Howard for Surfleet information and Steve for additional Chandler photos and information. Also to all the people who have supplied additional information and photos.


A number of photos used on this website were restored and enhanced by the Barkestone-le-Vale Photograph Collection.


As anyone who has ever delved into their family history will know, this will always be an unfinished work. Mistakes will abound and it is often impossible to be certain of "facts". I always welcome additional information and corrections. I also welcome photos or other material that people might be willing to contribute.


For the most part, still living people are excluded. If you are part of the (extended) family tree and would like to be included do please let me know. By the same token, if you appear on here and would rather not, firstly accept my apologies for the oversight and secondly let me know and I will remove you.


If you find any missing photos or broken links, please let me know through the contact page email address.


I have a number of other documents in electronic form which are not shown on the site - mainly because they don't come out very well. Feel free to ask for more information - I'll supply it if I have it.


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