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Family of Harry SAMPSON and Emma HARLING

Husband: Harry SAMPSON

Wife: Emma HARLING

Note on Husband: Harry SAMPSON

Appears to have died intestate.

Note on Wife: Emma HARLING

I wonder who this lady was and why she married a man nearly 20 years her Junior?


A fair bit of this information is unconfirmed - and given it doesn't match up perfectly is probably wrong!


There is an Emma Maria Edmunds from Essex who was born in 1861 (Billericay), but that doesn't quite match with the 1901 census information.


Perhaps her marriage to Harry was a second marriage?


If so a candidate for a first marriage is Emma Harling marrying John Edmunds in Plomesgate in Q1 1893.


There is an Emma E. Harling born in 1866 (8 years later than the 1901 census would suggest) in Blything - which is where George Sampson and Trissie Holloway were married.


An Emma Harling married John Edmunds in 1893. A John Edmunds died in the same area two years later, aged 27 - so it could tie up.



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