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Family of Henry Percy WARD and Kathlyn ENRIGHT

Husband: Henry Percy WARD


Henry Percy WARD, HenryPercyWard


Henry Percy WARD, 1910, age 35, Mauretania 6

Wife: Kathlyn ENRIGHT


Kathlyn ENRIGHT, 1924, age 47, Olympic 1


Kathlyn ENRIGHT, 1924, age 47, Olympic 2

Note on Husband: Henry Percy WARD

Converted to atheism by Annie Besant. Emigrated to Chicago, USA where he became known as the Atheist Bishop of Chicago.


Articles in the Chicago Tribune describe an incident when he was arrested for conducting a street meeting without a license and a more lurid story where he and his second wife to be were arrested and charged by the morals court for disorderly conduct - which seemed to involve him being whipped by her in his hotel room!


They were acquitted because they got married between the first and second hearings.

Note on Wife: Kathlyn ENRIGHT

An Irish American



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