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Family of Horace NICKLIN and Ethel Phyllis HOLLOWAY

Husband: Horace NICKLIN

Wife: Ethel Phyllis HOLLOWAY


Ethel Phyllis HOLLOWAY, Phyllis Nicklin (Holloway)


Ethel Phyllis HOLLOWAY, P Nicklin c. 90 Reading

Note on Marriage

No children

Note on Husband: Horace NICKLIN

Not clear from 1901 census - most likely entry is 25 year old Clerk - which doesn't tie up with Aunty Phil's death certificate that describes him as an engineer.

This Horace Nicklin was born in Birmingham and in 1901 lived at 161 Nechells Park Road - which is the right neck of the woods.

Note on Wife: Ethel Phyllis HOLLOWAY (1)

Aunty Phyll - married Horace Nicklin, who was abusive. Ran away and lived with "Uncle Fred". They adopted a son, Ian. When Fred died, the house was left to Ian. He was supposed to look after Phyll, but for whatever reason, sold the house without telling her. She then moved in with her niece Elizabeth Percival (nee Kempson) and family, initially in Edinburgh (95 Mayfield Road) and then later in High Wycombe and Virginia Water.

Note on Wife: Ethel Phyllis HOLLOWAY (2)

Spent the latter years of her life living with Dick and Elizabeth McDowell (formerly Percival, nee Kempson) at 20 Oak Tree Close, Virginia Water, Surrey.

Note on Wife: Ethel Phyllis HOLLOWAY (3)

It was Phyll who kept the letters that Ralph Copeland wrote to her father, Fred Holloway. She passed them onto her niece, Elizabeth Percival (nee Kempson) who passed them onto her daughter Sheila who sent them to Eric - the keeper of the archive.



Ethel Phylis Holloway Death Certificate.


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