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Family of George JOHNSON and Elizabeth ANDERTON

Husband: George JOHNSON

Wife: Elizabeth ANDERTON

Child 1: Henry JOHNSON

Child 2: Henry JOHNSON

Child 3: George JOHNSON


George JOHNSON, Johnson Gravestones - Seaton Ross


George JOHNSON, George Johnson gravestone - Seaton Ross

Note on Husband: George JOHNSON

Farmer at Lincoln Platts

Note on Wife: Elizabeth ANDERTON

Steve Chandler got the following from the Borthwick Institute for Historical Research.


Microfilm R.C. MF 102


Liber status animarum (a statement on the spiritual condition of the Parish)



"Elizabeth Johnson a convert, wife to George Johnson a protestant at Lincoln Flatts, a communicant she has yet no child. She is the daughter of the late Henry Anderton."


Also "Elizabeth Anderton relict of the late Henry Anderton a protestant. She returned to the catholic religion and a communicant"


(I think Henry Anderton in the above paragraph should read George Johnson, or is it me being thick? Alternatively relict should read Daughter?)


Elizabeth was a Wesleyan for a while.