The Copeland Family

Agnes Copeland 12 Aug 1884 - 29 Aug 1929

Agnes was born in Dun Echt in 1884. According to her sister Fanny's memoirs, the day after she was born, when the other children were allowed in to see her the clock struck and she turned her head towards it. This resulted in her mother announcing that she could hear already and would thus be a musician.

She appears to have been a very nervous girl - probably the pressure from her mother who seems to have been a very domineering woman! There are many references to her playing the violin and the various models of same that she acquired. At one point she was sent off to Germany to stay with friends to recover from what was presumably a nervous breakdown.

She turns up at her sister Fanny's house in Bedford in the 1901 census. In 1918 when her sister Paula died she is recorded as living at 153 Colinton Road, Edinburgh. She moved to Bridge of Allan (Blooming Field) where she was resident at the time of her death in 1929. She died of pneumonia (suffered for 5 days) in Murray's Royal Asylum in Perth at 12.15 a.m. on August 29th. She was just 45 years old. Her death was registered by a Steward, Andrew Emslie, rather than by her mother or brother. According to Fanny's memoirs she caught the flu in 1918 from which she never completely recovered.

She is buried in Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, with her father, mother and sister Paula.