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Family of Vincent PERCIVAL and Mary BENNER

Husband: Vincent PERCIVAL (1802-1876)
Wife: Mary BENNER (1802-1880)
Children: John Richard PERCIVAL (1822-1903)
Sarah PERCIVAL (1825-1845)
Marriage 23 Oct 1821 Tinwell

Husband: Vincent PERCIVAL

Name: Vincent PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Father: John PERCIVAL (1747- )
Mother: Elizabeth ELINGWORTH ( - )
Birth 5 Oct 1802
Baptism Hambleton
Occupation Gardener
Death 1876 (age 73-74)
Burial Knossington

Wife: Mary BENNER


Mary BENNER, 648JRP04xVic18


Mary BENNER, 648JRP05xVic17

Name: Mary BENNER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Sep 1802
Death 1880 (age 77-78)
Burial Knossington

Child 1: John Richard PERCIVAL


John Richard PERCIVAL, John Richard and Eliza Percival's grave


John Richard PERCIVAL, 648JRP08xVic30a1


John Richard PERCIVAL, 648JRP25xVic25


John Richard PERCIVAL, 648JRP26xVic26


Spouse: Ann ADAMS, 648JRP08xVic30a1


Spouse: Eliza LOWE, Eliza Percival

Name: John Richard PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ann ADAMS (1821-1873)
Spouse 2: Eliza LOWE (1840-1913)
Children: William George PERCIVAL (1852-1920)
Thomas Frederick PERCIVAL (1855-1936)
Sarah Ann PERCIVAL (1859- )
Marion Isobel PERCIVAL (1862-1909)
Albert Henry PERCIVAL (1877-1959)
Agnes Maud PERCIVAL (1879-1952)
Note: Resident in Barkby at time of marriage to Eliza. Death record Vol 7b p250
Birth 10 Mar 1822 Knossington, Leicestershire1,2
Baptism Tinwell
Occupation 1881 (age 59) Farmer of 63 acres employing 1 man2
Residence 1891 (age 69) Main Street, Barkestone3
Occupation Farmer
Death Aug 1903 (age 81) Bingham District
Burial 1 Sep 1903 Grave 10, Barkestone Le Vale Church

Child 2: Sarah PERCIVAL

Name: Sarah PERCIVAL
Sex: Female
Note: Death record Vol 15 p516
Birth 27 Apr 1825
Baptism Tinwell
Death Q2 1845 (age 19-20) Oakham district
Burial Knossington churchyard

Note on Child 1: John Richard PERCIVAL

Resident in Barkby at time of marriage to Eliza. Death record Vol 7b p250

Note on Child 2: Sarah PERCIVAL

Death record Vol 15 p516


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